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Month: June 2011

Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 38, № 1 (Hollow Sounding Tiles May Signal Installation Problems)

 Volume: 38 |  Issue: 1 |  Download

When ceramic tile or stone tile fails, it doesn't matter whose fault it is, everyone ends up paying — either in money, time or reputation. Typically, ceramic tile and stone failures are a result of not one deficiency, but multiple issues. As an expert consultant I investigate ceramic tile and stone installation failures all over the country, and have for many years.

Floor Trends Magazine: Vol. 13, № 6 (June 2011)

 Volume: 13 |  Issue: 6 |  Download

On The Cover:
Pictured is the ReVision House in Orlando featuring Floor Gres' Eco-Tech collection porcelain tile installed on the rear patio. EcoTech, in five sizes from 8" x 16" up to 24" x 48", comes in 4 colors. Grout & adhesives for the entire project were provided by MAPEI. Photo by Andy Frame Photography, courtesy of Ceramic Tiles of Italy.