Month: September 2011

C2 Flooring – The Solution To All Your Flooring Needs

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On The Cover: Pictured is Mercier Wood Flooring's 3 1/4" Yellow Birch in a Portobello stain. The floor is part of the Design + Program, which allows for customization of the flooring by species, stain, gloss level and more. Photo courtesy Mercier Wood Flooring.

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Month: September 2011

Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 41, № 1 (The Hidden ADA Risks for Flooring Contractors in the Sport Floor Industry)

 Volume: 41 |  Issue: 1 |  Download

Our guest contributor this month is Mr. Timothy Vander Heiden J.D. He is currently CEO of SafePath Products and Van Duerr Industries with over 16 years experience in the industry of marketing and manufacturing products for the ADA compliance and specializes in green technology for the architectural market place. The information shared in his article is likely not common knowledge to most of you. We appreciate the opportunity to bring this information to light for you.