Month: September 2012

C2 Flooring – The Solution To All Your Flooring Needs

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Finding Commercial Opportunities in Education Defining Moisture's Cause and Effect 2012 Wood Flooring Resource Guide

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Month: September 2012

Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 52, № 1 (What to Include in a Flooring Specification (Part 1))

 Volume: 52 |  Issue: 1 |  Download

We've looked at hundreds of flooring specifications over the years and have found that the information contained in them is very often outdated, poorly researched, and irrelevant to many of the concerns that should be addressed. Not enough thought is given to the downside risks of the project or to the guidelines and pertinent information that should be contained. With the changes that have occurred in the flooring industry over the last few years, which continue at an increasing rate, it is imperative the spec writer be informed and up to date.