Month: September 2013

C2 Flooring – The Solution To All Your Flooring Needs

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September 30th, 2013 issue.

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Month: September 2013

Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 63, № 1 (CRI Commercial Model Specification)

 Volume: 63 |  Issue: 1 |  Download

If you've been reading the Commercial Flooring Report for any length of time you know that I harp on two issues relative to specifying floor covering material. The first is "Get it in the door and keep it on the floor" and the second is to make sure you have the right product for the right application. Both will satisfy your expectations of performance and longevity with whatever floor covering product you select. These mantras are also pertinent to being green and environmentally conscientious and fiscally responsible by selecting the correct product, getting it installed, taking proper care of it and then continuing on with your day to day business without the concern of a failed flooring product or installation.