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Month: July 2015

Commercial Flooring Report: Vol. 82, № 1 (The Frivolity of Flooring Lawsuits)

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It seems that the entire world is lawsuit happy and ready to bring legal action against anyone for anything and you can always find a lawyer to take the case. When it comes to floor covering issues, whether it's a concern for the flooring material, installation, substrate or another related or perceived related matter, there are always compromises that can be identified that caused the problem — flooring doesn't just fail. When the situation becomes contentious and none of the parties want to make any concessions or the matter escalates to finger pointing, the thoughts of suing pop into mind.

Floor Trends Magazine: Vol. 17, № 7 (July 2015)

 Volume: 17 |  Issue: 7 |  Download


Right after the "60 Minutes" story about certain laminate products carried by Lumber Liquidators containing high levels of formaldehyde specialty retailers and most of the category's manufacturers jumped into action to ensure consumers their products are safe and meet or exceed all legal requirements. One of those mills was Shaw, pictured here is its Vintage Painted product in Boardwalk.