C2 Flooring – The Solution To All Your Commercial Flooring Needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

What Goes Around, Comes Around

C2 Flooring promotes sustainable business practices throughout its organization by taking a holistic approach to the environment and our goal of sustainability.

Methods to reduce and eliminate waste and other non-value added processes that impact our environment are considered throughout all projects. First, by selecting manufacturers who create sustainable products and mandate environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. Second, partnering with key manufacturers allows us the ability to offer the widest range of environmentally responsible products.

Sustainability extends beyond products

When selecting products for a project, in addition to recycled content, we consider manufacturers that use innovative energy practices and processes that reduce or recycle manufacturing waste material.

Reduce premature replacement of your flooring

By properly specifying and then maintaining your flooring you not only extend the life of your investment but reduce the need for premature replacement and the consumption of raw materials to produce new products.